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Turn your kids from Gamer to Developer with Learnhub.Online; Online Coding Courses for Kids in Nepal.


Coding for Kids?

A child’s brain grows the most at the age of 6. Coding balances the brain for convergent and divergent thinking and enables expression. With coding, Kids can learn logic and structure to grow as a creative thinker.

Coding is the future of the digital world. All major projects and billion dollars ideas are now coded with computer language. You need to prepare your child to fight the competition in the market force from a very young age. Let them grow to be the best in their field.

What will your kids learn

Creative Thinking

Logical Planning

Structured Working

Unique Imagination

Time Management


This coding  program is for kids from Class 1 to 2. Here we introduce them to basic coding. Small Games and animation.

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This coding  program is for kids from Class 3 to 4. Create Animation, and apps

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This coding  program is for kids from Class 5 to 6. Javascript Projects, Python Projects.

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This coding  program is for kids from Class 7 to 10. Advance Games, animations

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online coding for class 1 to 2
online coding
online coding
online coding for kids


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Along with theoretical knowledge, our effort is inclined to give real life opportunity for overall child development.